VEHC – Landscaping Committee 2012

Our Priorities – Sustainability; Food Production; Ecological Enhancement

The committee was formed to address the need for the responsible stewardship of our co-op land. Food production and sustainability were strong concerns expressed during the Sunday afternoon sessions of the co-op’s Futures process and we have taken them as our top priorities.

Although we appreciate beautification and aesthetically-oriented projects they are not our primary focus at this time.

As a committee our role is to facilitate and provide resources where possible for VEHC members to create and enhance personal and shared green spaces.  We recognize that at this time in our co-op there is an imbalanced access for all members to be able to grow food.

For 2012 the committee has set aside funds to help each unit with purchase of plants, equipment, etc. $50 is available for each unit. Please submit receipts and use the usual cheque requisition form process through the Salsbury office. Members may choose to pool their funds together for larger projects when appropriate.

At times we will initiate and organize larger projects such as we have done this year with the acquisition and installation of rainbarrels, soil delivery, and the building of raised beds.

If you have a project in mind please submit a proposal. Please keep in mind the following:

We are advocates of the do-it-yourself ethic. When necessary and possible we will seek professional consultation and specialized help (e.g. with pruning trees). We will not pay for general labourers in cases of garden installation and other projects unless in exceptional circumstances.

Committee members do not do shopping, installation or maintenance of sites.

Our website:


2 thoughts on “Principles&Priorities

  1. When assessing environmental sustainability priorities, please also consider the importance of trees, fruiting shrubs as habitat and food for birds, who are a vital part of a healthy urban landscape.

    • There’s a mountain ash growing in our yard right under the non-berry producing maple… I am hoping some day the mountain ash will be the centre of our back yard at Grant… 🙂 Birds LOVE the berries!

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